Putting you first

People are a priority at Lannett. This is evident in how our customer service is recognized as best-in-class year after year. With our comprehensive contract manufacturing capabilities and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we deliver high-quality products with a focus on prompt delivery and exceptional customer service.

We understand your needs.

As a longstanding presence in pharmaceuticals, we know the ins and outs of a project and everything demanded of it. Not only are we familiar with your needs — we are prepared to meet them.

We respect your time.

We are prompt in delivering turnarounds. Proactive describes our culture as we monitor products and markets, meet and sponsor partners, and stay informed on the industry. These help us to readily assist you with any query or need.

We serve you diligently.

Since our founding over 75 years ago, we have striven to maintain consistency in service. The records speak for themselves.

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Achievements in Customer Service

98% success rate in prompt delivery
Accurate demand planning
Near perfect product yield rate
Response time usually within 24 hours
High-customer satisfaction and retention
Turnaround time of one hour for one-time buy opportunity

Partner with Lannett for your pharmaceutical manufacturing needs and experience the reliability, quality, and customer service that sets us apart from the rest