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Your Partner From Clinical to Commercialization

Your Partner From Clinical to Commercialization

As a leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, Lannett has been a trusted provider of high-quality generics since 1942. Our contract development and manufacturing services are an integral part of our business and we are equally trusted in this field. Customers return to us time and again because of the excellence we offer in service and product.

Your Partner From Clinical to Commercialization

At Lannett CDMO, we specialize in contract manufacturing of Oral Solid Dose (OSD) and Liquids, including high potency substances and small molecules. These include:

  • Dry blends
  • Dry granulation
  • Wet High and Low Shear granulations
  • Fluid Bed granulation
  • Wurster-coated beads
  • Wurster-coated tablets
  • Non-functional and functional coated tablets
  • Laser-drilled osmotic- release tablets
  • Tablet printing
  • Immediate-release, Extended-Release, and Delayed-Release dosage forms
  • Solution and Suspension liquid products
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No matter the scope of your project, we deliver —

streamlining product formulation and manufacturing from concept to commercial scale.

As a trusted pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, we have the technical expertise, industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art facilities to meet your manufacturing needs and ensure the quality and safety of your products.

We also offer support for clinical trials, including product development, manufacturing, and packaging. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of clinical trials and regulatory requirements.


Why Lannett?

Our expertise in contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) is evident in our comprehensive, prompt, experienced, adaptable, and committed approach to every project.


We are comprehensive.

As a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, we conduct everything stateside and in one location. From tests to manufacturing to packaging to distribution, everything is at our facility in Seymour, Indiana. This translates to smoother transitions between stages and prompt deliveries of products.


We are prompt.

Thanks to our carefully crafted On-time Delivery matrix and Schedule Attainment matrix, along with quality processes in place, we consistently achieve a high success rate in schedule attainment and yield rate.


We are experienced.

Take advantage of 75 years of deep industry knowledge in the pharmaceutical space. With over 100 unique marketed pharmaceutical products and 17 approved product applications since 2019, we confidently deliver quality services for any manufacturing need. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Lannett offers tech transfer services to streamline the transfer of a product from development to manufacturing. Our experienced team has the expertise to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer, minimizing any potential impact on project timelines.


We are adaptable.

The field of pharmaceuticals is evolving. This drives us to innovate processes that are agile and seamless, increasingly improving what we do while staying relevant in the market. With our streamlined operations, we also provide detailed customization according to your needs.


We are committed.

From formulation to commercial supply, our staff strives to ensure that product quality is met, suitable process performance is achieved, appropriate process controls are in place, improvement opportunities are identified, and the product body of knowledge is continually expanded. As your trusted CDMO partner, we are committed to delivering high-quality services for any manufacturing need.



average rate recordables per year

Quality Standards —


critical Form 483 observations

Speed to Market —


approved product applications since 2019

Best in Class Customer Service —


schedule attainment; Average product yield rate of 96%

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